Oscar Quintero (Kay Sedia)

Oscar Quintero was born In Hacienda Heights, CA a suburb outside of Los Angeles, the youngest of six children. Oscar knew in order for him to be heard, he would have to speak up. And that he did! In the sixth grade he was cast as the lead in the Glenalder Elementary School Play, “Christmas Fever” where he caught the acting bug. From then on, he looked for ways to be in front of a crowd, like joining the drama club in high school and taking a few acting classes in College. It was in 1999 that Oscar got his break as he met his alter ego, Kay Sedia, when he auditioned for a drag pageant fundraiser called “Quest for the Crown”.

It was at that event that things really began to take shape. Being named the runner-up was the best outcome that could've happened for Oscar. As he became a crowd favorite, many club owners and promoters began to ask for Kay Sedia to make appearances at various local clubs and events. That is where Oscar met Mr. Dan, the owner of Dragstripp 66 and The Plush Life. They began to collaborate and perform together for the next seven years. It was performing in the Plush Life, a weekly drag improv soap opera that Oscar realized and developed his sense of comedic timing. It was thru this show that Oscar met Kurt Koehler and thus began another great collaborating relationship. While writing Superfag, a short film about a gay Superman, Kurt added a part for Kay Sedia as her alter ego, Taco Chick, and created side kick, Salsa Girl, as a spoof of the Sid & Marty Croft kids morning show, “Electra Woman and Dyna Girl”.

One year later, in the summer of 2003, the two began to collaborate on what was to become a big underground hit in Silverlake, CA ; “Chico’s Angels”, a Latin drag queen version of the popular 70’s T.V. show Charlie’s Angels. Over the next five years, four original stage shows, “Pretty Chicas All In A Row”, “Love Boat Chicas”, “Chicas In Chains” and “Chicas Are 4Ever”played to sold out audiences starring the three Angels; Kay Sedia, Chita Parole, and Frieda Laye. Seeing the popularity of Chico’s Angels, they decided to give “Taco Chick and Salsa Girl” their own short film. It has traveled festivals around the world and has won many awards. More recently, Kurt and Oscar helped create and produce, “Cooking With Kay”, a T.V. pilot presentation about a bitter cooking show diva who’s forced to work with a former Tijuana beauty queen, Kay Sedia. The show is currently being shopped around; a short trailer can be seen at

Oscar has also been in three feature films, ALIEN GAME, GETTING LUCKY and AU PAIR, KANSAS starring Traci Lords, as well as in the short films SPEAK ENGLISH AMIGOS, HEIRLOOM, and ALMOST MARRIED. He has studied with Jd Lewis of the Actors Lab.

Kurt Koehler

Kurt Koehler is an east coast transplant since 1996. His misspent youth grew up in New Jersey and migrated to NYC. There he graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with a BFA in Acting and Minor in Directing. Since in Los Angeles he has worked in the industry behind the scenes in casting, agent assistance and filmmaking.

Koehler’s filmmaking has earned him over eight awards for four separate short films. His films have traveled the USA and around the world. He has never left the USA , but his films have. The titles include SUPERFAG, Taco Chick and Salsa Girl, Hung Frankenstein and The Incredible Dyke.

Kurt collaborated with Oscar Quintero for a stage show Chico ’s Angels and the rest, as they say, was history. Since 2003 he has been directing, co-writing, and co-producing four different episodes Chico ’s Angels to an underground fan base. The two have incorporated together with the company “Shiney Kumquat”.  

Danny Casillas (Frieda Laye)
Danny Casillas has been a part of CHICO 'S ANGELS since show 1, in one part or another, but it wasn't until he filled Frieda Laye's cha cha heels that found his niche. In addition to solving crimes in a dress, Danny has a fantastic time on stage with THE MISMATCH GAME as Herve Villachaise. This on-going fund raiser has raised over $60,000 for the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center . He also performs in SLIDESHOW at the Fake Gallery. Other stage adventures include 15 MINUTES OF FEM and THE DOUBLE DOUBLE FEATURE. Danny has also been seen on REBA and KATH & KIM.



Ray Garcia (Chita Parol)
Ray Garcia- Born in Texas , Ray now lives in Los Angeles and has performed all over the world. Some of his favorite credits include Rent on Broadway and the national tour, Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby on Broadway and the national tour, The Ten Commandments with Val Kilmer at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, Lil Abner, Damn Yankees Directed by Jason Alexander, Pippin, Tommy , West Side Story, La Cage Aux Folles ( Hanna) , Annie Get Your Gun ( Tommy Keeler), Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita and Fame. He has toured and performed with many artists such as Debbie Gibson, Jody Wately, Gloria Estafan, and Vanessa Williams. Ray has danced on Italy 's most popular TV show, Fantastico! He recently played the role of Daddy in the all Italian version of Sweet Charity. He lived in Italy for 3 years teaching master classes and working on televsion. He has modeled for Harley Davidson, Addidas and Bum Equipment. He can be seen in the independent film Neverland as Tiger Lilly as well as the feature film Rent.  


Alejandro Patino (Bossman)
Alejandro Patino has been performing on Stage, Film & T.V. for over 20 years. He can be seen in movie theaters in "The Soloist" this March and "Fast and Furious 4" due out this summer. Other credits include "The Heartbreak Kid", "Delta Farce", "Bowfinger" and recently cast in "Freeloaders" with Dave Foley and Jane Seymour. T.V. credits in "Cold Case", "Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "My Name Is Earl", "The Unit", "Criminal Minds" to name a few.

Alejandro has been involved with " Chico 's Angels" for the last 4 years and is enjoying every minute of the time on stage with a great ensemble of talented actors. Looking forward to more fun times with the cast.



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