Chico’s Angels: Pretty Chicas All in a Row
Written by: Oscar Quintero & Kurt Koehler
Director: Kurt Koehler

When contestants start dropping dead in the Miss Kumquat Pageant, Cecil Kumquat hires Chico’s Angels to find the killer and save his show. Kay and Chita go undercover as contestants, Miss Iowa and Miss Kentucky, and try not to stick out. Frieda and Bossman go undercover as a reporter and her lusty cameraman. The Angels are determined to solve the crime, get their story and take the crown!

The Victim: 
Miss New Jersey - She’ll never need a curling iron again.

The Client:
Cecil Kumquat - Worried that the parade will pass him by, Cecil hires the Angels to save his pageant.

The Suspects:

Miss Texas, Tanya Tingles - with hair high enough to touch heaven, she plans to  blow the boys… away. What does she plan to do to win the pageant? 

Miss California, Summer Ready - The blondest of the blondes, she likes jell-o, but does she like guns?

Miss Hawaii, Lalani Kokopukuiki - Her dance moves could make a volcano erupt, but could she hula someone to death?

Buck Naked - A hard handyman with handy hands and looks that kill.

Miss Florida & Miss Wisconsin – Is murder their talent, or will they be runners up to murder


Chico’s Angels 2: Love Boat Chicas
Written by: Oscar Quintero & Kurt Koehler
Director: Kurt Koehler

When one of Charo's back-up dancers is shot mid-performance, Charo realizes she was the intended target. She hires Chico's Angels to find the wannabe-assassin and save her ocean-going career.

Kay goes undercover as Charo, (Fortunately, she is the spitting image of the Spanish classical guitarist) with Chita in tow, as her choreographer/manager (Chita has seen A Chorus Line 32 the East LA Quienceanera Palace/cafetorium). Frieda joins the crew as the new Cruise director (cruising is one of her off-duty specialties.) Finally, Bossman provides back up, undercover as Isaac, your bartender (Bar...enough said.)

The Angels discover almost everyone onboard has a motive for killing Charo. They also discover themselves being entranced by the Love Boats charm as Kay risks blowing her cover to be with her dance partner, Dickardo, while Frieda finds herself inexplicably drawn to retiree passenger, Ruth Bliss, and Chita tries resist the hypnotic effect of the combination of Bossman, a full moon and a bottle of tequila.

The Victim:
Bunny - She'll never upstage Charo again.

The Client:
Charo - The singing Spanish sensation determined to coochie out of harm's way.

The Suspects:

Captain Stubie - The ship's Captain with a hair-trigger temper.
Julie McJoy - The obsolete Cruise Director who ís obsessed with more than just shuffle board.
Dickhardo - A hunk who may be more than just a dance partner to Charo.
Bambi - Bunny's twin and an ambitious dancer with an eye on the big dressing room.
Harry - A dancer with an eye on Dickardo.
Ruth Bliss - A retiree who finds stirrings awakened by Frieda's presence.
Hugh Johnson - A passenger in room 216!

Chico’s Angels 3: Chicas in Chains 
Written by: Oscar Quintero & Kurt Koehler
Director: Kurt Koehler

When streetwalker, Cinnamon Jackowski, becomes the latest victim in a string of hooker murders, Detective Lingus realizes that the key witness to the murder is a student at South Oakes Prep School. He hires Chico's Angels to go undercover to find that witness.

Kay, Chita and Bossman go undercover to infiltrate the student body to get close enough to find clues. Meanwhile, Frieda goes undercover as a substitute Algebra teacher. Soon the Angels discover that life in high school is harder than they remember. Between run-ins with A-listers Kelly and Becky, ignoring honor student, Roxy, and competing for the attention of Hot Man on Campus, Peter Rison, the Angels don't realize that they've gotten so deep in the case that they end up in jail.

In jail, the Angels are cut off from Bossman and Chico and must rely on the kindness of a stranger, Spice. Bossman finally finds a way to help the Angels, but spends most of his time fending off Prison Matron, Rhonda and avoiding being discovered by Warden Cox.

The Angels are determined to break out of jail, find the witness and win the school talent show!

The Victim: 
Cinnamon Jackowski - Maybe he was a psycho killer & stuff.

The Client:
Detective Lingus - The impatient man of the law.

The Suspects: 
Roxy - A young and naďve honor student by day/hooker by night.
Peter Rison - A quick-tempered hottie.
Kelly - A total high school A-lister.
Becky - The other total high school A-lister
Stanley - A classic nerd who resents being rejected.
Gloria and Sonia - Rival streetwalkers.
Warden Cox - The tough Warden, who’s very into her wards.
Rhonda - The Prison Matron who falls for Conchita.
Spice - A friendly cellmate.

Chico’s Angels 4: Chicas Are Forever 
Written by: James Edward Quinn, Oscar Quintero & Kurt Koehler
Director: Kurt Koehler
Original Music By Dan Ring
Original Lyrics by Mr. Dan

When the Countess Tago realizes that her Chez Chez Diamond has been stolen, she hires the Angels to locate the jewel and steal it back.

Realizing the Angels need help, Chico hires renowned jewel thief, Manuel Hung. Everyone soon discovers that he shares a secret, sordid past with Kay. While Kay deals with her on-again romance, Chita does her best to get information from suspect, Senior Crooke, as an undercover stripper and Frieda attempts to impress Miss Tightbush enough to get hired on as an undercover secretary. Meanwhile, Bossman takes his own path to succeed.

Before long, the Angels and Bossman become entangled in a web of lies, double-crosses and a final heist that comes to an explosive conclusion.

The Client
The Countess Tago - an art collector with sticky fingers.

Special Help
Manuel Hung- a studly jewel thief with sexy fingers.

The Suspects
Senior Crooke - His name says it all... or does it?
Miss Tightbush - Crooke's right-hand woman with a shifty accent.
Boobs the Clown - A no-talent stripper with a no-talent puppet.

Chico’s Angels 5: Waikiki Chicas
Written by: Oscar Quintero & Kurt Koehler
Director: Kurt Koehler

Waikiki Chicas is one hurricane of a case! After Hula dancers have gone missing from Waikiki’s hottest night club The Hula Ho. Kay Sedia, Frieda Laye and Chita Parol as they go undercover in grass skirts, coconut bikinis and cha-cha pumps to solve the case of the missing Hula Hos.

Online Case Episode Breakdowns: 

Gang of Chicas 
The curvaceous Angels and Bossman volunteer to help a little old lady solve the mystery of her missing lawn ornament, never guessing that their undercover mission will send them into the dangerous world of girl gangs, gang fights and ceramic Chihuahuas! 

Guest Star: Eden Espinosa of LA and Broadway’s Wicked takes on The Angels as a tough chola with no mercy.


Little Lost Chica 
Frieda gets kidnapped, it’s up to Kay and Chita to find her and uncover a Mexican baby black market ring! Aye! I know, right?! With no plan, these babes go under the covers and fight crime the only way they know cha-cha heels and glamorous fashions! 

Guest Star: Mike Pingel of reality show, Chasing Farrah. 


You’ve seen the series “24”, well so have we. This fast paced parody is non-stop action, parcel, and cha-cha heels! When the Angels head out on a mission to save the President…of the Elk’s club and defuse a bomb! 

Guest Star: Steven Hill of reality show, MTV’s Real World Las Vegas



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